Exhumed From The Grave - RELEASES centro AMMIT "Steel Inferno" / "Mass Suicide" / "Rehearsals 2008" ("Todos Los Maricones Son Santos")

AMMIT "Steel Inferno" / "Mass Suicide" /
"Rehearsals 2008" ("Todos Los Maricones Son Santos")

"Steel Inferno" (1998) Digitally Remastered 2010
1 Plagues of Death
2 Vengeance Command
3 Black Candles
4 Violent Poison
5 Death Moon
6 Conspiracy
7 Possessed by Evil
8 Ritualistic Crime
9 Outro: Steel Inferno

"Mass Suicide" (2000)
10 Intro: Morbid Sound / God is the Devil
11 Blasphemy and Lust
12 Kill all the Angels
13 Mass Suicide
14 Intro: The Holy Trinity of Incest and Agony / Burner
15 The Red Night
16 Intro: Desecración / Posesión
17 Welcome Antichrist
18 Outro: Resurrección y Lapidación

"Rehearsals 2008" ("Todos Los Maricones Son Santos")
19 Extermination Day
20 Legalize Murder (GG Allin Cover)
21 Triple Head Demon
22 Inside The Electric Circus (WASP Cover)
23 Von Death

Hail everyone, this is Count Czar Yang speaking. On this times of changes and destruction we gonna be one of the very last
bands to rise the flag of the Extreme Southamerican Underground to the their very last consecuences. Proud and high to the top...
´till death...which by the way isn´t that far for everyone in the horizont. Ammit again strikes with the now classical cuts of the
Steel Inferno and Mass Suicide albums.

This time Steel Inferno has been digitally remastered for the first time, but keeping the structure of the music intact. So you can
listen for the first time how it sounded at the studio, when we recorded it back in 1998. By that time we used old DAT tapes to do the
production, but always Dats used to sound little low in comparison to the ¾ inch tape recorders used a lot in the 80´s. Personally I m
very proud about this production, specially for the fact of rediscover the Steel Inferno in its original sound after all these years.

In this occasion I decided to add the rehearsals of the Armageddon Cobra for this release. Recorded some months before the last takes of
that recording, I think it is interesting fact to reveal the original structure of the songs. It was sent in the year 2009 to some zines as
act of advance of the final recording, under the name “Todos los Maricones son Santos" (All fags are to be saints).

So this is the time to release again some of the best albums of Ammit, and here we are, Strong and Loud, still uncommercial and even worst, we
are not finished, Ammit needs more blood”.
Count Czar Yang, July 2010.

Line-up :
"Steel Inferno" / "Mass Suicide"

Count Czar Yang/ Vociferations & Keyboards.
Vilu/ Desecration Guitars.
Lladkuduamn/ The Strings Of Doom.
Tom "Evill" Hill/ Sadistic Bulldozer Bass.
Hugo Fuenzalida/ Drums.

2010 EFTG.


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