Exhumed From The Grave - RELEASES centro AMMIT "Hammer Of Darkness" / "Studio Session 2004"

AMMIT "Hammer Of Darkness" / "Studio Session 2004"

"Hammer Of Darkness" (2004)
01 Pure Infernal Fire
02 Power Means Death Power
03 Acid
04 Fast As A Shark (ACCEPT Cover)
05 Dogs Of Hell
06 Sinner
07 Terrormass
08 Wrath
09 Black Plagues
10 Genocide
11 Las Garras Del Mal
12 Hammer Of Darkness

"Studio Session 2004" - Remastered 2010.
13 Bring Death
14 Cuero Negro (Black Leather)
15 Ataud (Coffin)

Expect pure Acid Blackened rough Thrash...

Reissue of this Classic Chilean Evil Horror...
It features New Artwork and includes "Studio Session 2004"

Sacrifice your Weak Soul!!!

About Hammer of Darkness Lyrics:
I started to write the lyrics of Hammer of Darkness by the beginning of the year 2004, and I think the whole album was influenced by the
second gulf war, and all the events on the Irak invasion, in this point one can ask himself, if you believe in a kind of god, does this god
in his “almighty kindness” support this oil war? Its time to wake up and Kill your Gods! No matter its name, Kill the 3000 names of god now!

Count Czar Yang, July 2010.

Line-up :
Count Czar Yang/ Vociferations & Keyboards.
Vilu/ Desecration Guitars.
Lladkuduamn/ The Strings Of Doom.
Tom "Evill" Hill/ Sadistic Bulldozer Bass.
Necrohell/ Drums.
Octavio Chau/ Drums on "Studio Session 2004".

2010 EFTG.


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